14 September 2013

September 14th 2013

This is my outside collection of herbs and vegetable seedlings.  As you can see I use a lot of labels to identify them, and a convenient way to make labels and reuse empty milkbottles is shown below.
We use two of these 2 litre plastic milk bottles every week, and it seems such a waste to just throw them in the recycle bin when they're empty.  Each of the milk bottle's side panels will make 4 plastic labels.  Cut them out with a pair of scissors.

Trim the curved edges off the panels and cut each of them lengthwise into 4 pieces.  Trim the labels to a point to make it easy to push them into the soil.

I store them with my seed collection, which is kept in a sealed box in the fridge.

Use the labels to distinguish varieties of plants like tomatoes.  They all look alike to me at this stage in their growth, so labels are very handy.  Use a permanent marker pen to write the variety name on the label.

This is my cold frame full of heat loving plants.  When the plants get dry, I just stand them in water in the white tray for a couple of hours.  I only use the labels once in case they become infected with mould or some other pest.  The supply is continuous so this doesn't present any problems.