18 April 2014

April 2014

The pest exclusion nets have been put away for winter now that pests are easier to control, but I still use wire netting flat on top of the bare soil (where seeds are germinating) and wire net tunnels over seedlings to stop the birds digging for worms.

When the plants outgrow the tunnels, the soil will be protected by a thick layer of mulch.
This is my latest Ecobed.  It doesn't have an exclusion frame yet, but I won't need netting until spring when the flying pests return.  I have a few broccoli and cauliflower seedings at this end of the bed and a row of strawberry runners at the far end.

This messy looking bed has vetch green manure just starting to grow.  It will be turned into the soil in June and the bed top dressed with compost and aged sheep manure in July.  6 rows of potatoes will be planted a month later.  

After the potatoes are harvested in February next year, I will convert my last drip line irrigated bed into Ecobed 4.

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