14 January 2015

January 2015 (2)

Its mid Summer and the beans, cucumbers, pumpkin and capsicum are in flower and starting to set fruit.  The relocatable climbing frames are working well and its easy to access the vines despite them being planted close together.

The hot weather at the beginning of January gave way to cooler, wetter weather last week, very unusual for Melbourne at this time of year.  My rainwater storage tanks are now full, and the Ecobed's tanks are full to overflowing.  The water tank overflow systems worked perfectly during the week and although the soil got quite wet when it rained, it drained afterwards and very quickly returned to its usual moist state.

This Ecobed has carrots, lettuce, beetroot, leeks, cabbage and marigolds growing in it.  The bed is heavily shaded, and will stay like this all summer.  Growth has not been impeded too much, and the plants, especially the vulnerable leafy vegetables do not wilt in the strong summer sun even on extremely hot days.

The bed is free of insect pests and its noticeable that cabbage white butterfies don't visit my garden any more.

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