07 June 2015

June 2015

Its Winter and everything is growing very slowly.  Ecobed 1 is full and looking healthy.  The garlic and beetroot are well on their way The onions and leeks are well established with no casualties, but the silverbeet and english spinach were attacked by slaters and I had to re-sow most of them.  The slaters have been controlled and the second sowing is doing well now.  They just look odd because of size differences.

The green manure in Ecobed 2 is looking good and should be ready to be cut down in about 6 weeks.

Its blowing a gale today and my broccoli were being battered, so I earthed them up a bit and now they're OK.  The exclusion netting helps to slow down the wind and this is yet another reason to protect the Ecobeds this way.

I have even modified the netting to fit round the climbing frames in Ecobed 3's legume bed.  The wire netting I used to protect the new seedlings didn't keep the little blighters out.  The small birds seem to be more persistent this year.  The 2 double rows of peas are up and established and the row of broad beans is looking good.

I still have fruit on my capsicum plants, but they must yield to winter soon.  The 3 Ecobins of peas are growing well as is the bin of broad beans.  They are very densely planted so I will be very interesting to see how they go this year.  If they get in each others way, I will thin them.

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