13 November 2015

November 2015

Its November and in 2 weeks we move into summer (southern hemisphere).  We've had a few hot and windy days recently with temperatures in the mid 30's (deg C), and the propagation unit has worked very well keeping my seedlings well protected with hardly any wilting in the hot sun. 

The key factor of course is the constant supply of moisture to the plants, but the design could be improved, and I may have a go at mark 3 down the track.  The problem is that water consumption is very high and the water tank's capacity is modest.  Water loss from the exposed sand is the problem, and I may need to make a larger unit with space to mulch between the pots and punnets.

I still get 2-3 days between tank refills in hot weather, but we should aim for better than that with a deeper tank.

The unit is generally doing its job well, and the Vegenet cover has kept the seedlings nicely protected against flying insect pests and hot sunshine.  

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