02 June 2016

June 2016.

This is Ecobed 2 growing light feeders this year.  Its just turned winter and its cool outside.  I've just cleared the mulch off this patch of soil and I'm planting leeks.  Its another feature of Ecobed design, that you can use the tops of the bed wall to run temporary guide lines just using small nails and a piece of string.

I like to transplant my leeks early while they are quite small (these are 200mm) and plant them into holes 100mm deep made by my makeshift dibber.

They are watered in once only to bring the soil into close contact with the roots so the microbes can set up their mutualistic relationships.  There's no need for further watering since the Ecobed's moist soil will suffice.

The dark coloured shadecloth I use on this end of the bed warms in the sun and helps keep temperatures in the bed mild for this time of year.

I have added a new hatch to this bed recently.  The 2 cut outs are in the bed' s original net covering and enable adequate access to the bed without having to use a lot of staples to keep the cut edges taught.

Here's a look down the length of the bed.  There's still one small patch to fill, and I have a second batch of Australian Brown Onions almost ready for that purpose in the propagator.  I wanted to grow more alliums this season, so that leaves less room for carrots, beetroot and silverbeet.  I'll have to find some space elsewhere.

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