19 August 2016

August 2016.

My cauliflowers have been good this year, and I have more to come, planted in the herb and ornamental beds while there's space.  Most of my ornamental plants are dormant or growing very slowly at the moment.  If it works out as expected, I wont grow my large brassicas in Ecobeds next year.
I love the look of Romanesco broccoli, and it has a lovely mild flavour too.  The broccoli will probably go into the drip line irrigated beds next year with their cousins the cauliflowers.
This Waltham broccoli has been sending out these small florettes since I removed the main head about 6 weeks ago.  Its a welcome boost to productivity at a time when most of the edibles in my garden are growing very slowly.
These lettuce and mini cabbages are the exception, growing quickly and should be ready for harvest in 2 or 3 weeks.
The peas and broad beans have been very slow this year, probably because of Melbourne's heavy winter cloud cover.  The weather reminded me of a gloomy winter in the North West of England.  Despite this they are starting to flower, and it wont be long before we are enjoying those beautiful freshly picked peas again.

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